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Global Leadership of Active Citizens 

As an all-volunteer grassroots organization, JCI Minnesota offers the opportunity for a young person to find their own path in volunteering and service. While a grassroots organization, we also provide a connection to larger statewide, nationwide, and international impact. We offer a connection to mentoring, true ownership over work and connection to something larger than the individual-all things essential to the engagement of young adults in volunteering.

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Get Involved 

Find Your Local Chapter


Making a World of Difference

There is a limit to what governments are able to achieve in society. As responsible citizens in a globalized world, JCI Minnesota members take on the challenges around them through local development initiatives. These tailored projects require members to use strategic planning and critical planning to craft creative solutions to the problems of their communities.

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There are several ways to get involved and/or learn more information about being a Jaycee.

Find a chapter close to you
Attend a chapter event or volunteer to help out a chapter project
Renew your membership if you are a current member
Want to support a chapter, but aren’t of Jaycee age? Join as an Alum/Associate.

“Service to humanity is the best work of life."
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